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Get your business ranking higher with beautifully crafted content marketing & SEO.

A Content Marketing and SEO expert will optimize your website, write content, create videos and more to increase your business' ranking.


Increase your ranking in organic search for the search terms that drive sales

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Why it’s important to invest in your brand’s organic presence

Natural Listing Ads™ Helps Increase Traffic Through Low-Cost Marketing Channels

Low-Cost Traffic

Improve profitability by increasing your traffic & sales from low-cost organic listings on search engines such as Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Bing and more.

Natural Listing Ads™, Done Properly, Will Dramatically Increase Your Visibility

Increased Visibility

Content marketing & SEO, if done right, will dramatically increase your visibility, rankings & sales from organic channels.

Natural Listing Ads™ Builds Organic Presence

Long-Term Success

To be profitable & competitive long-term, it’s essential that you invest in your organic presence, which drives down your overall cost-per-acquisition.

Transparently Monitor All SEO Work


Monitor work with transparency

A dedicated content marketing & SEO expert does everything for you. We optimize your website, write blogs, create videos and more on an ongoing basis to help you increase your ranking online. Track work and results from Marketing 360™ at any time with transparency.

Plans & Pricing


Analyze organic performance across search engines

Get a bird's eye view of how your website is ranking organically across major search engines like Google, Google Maps, YouTube & Bing. Quickly see how many keywords and pages are ranking overall. Plus, see how much SEO & content marketing work has been completed by your dedicated expert!

Plans & Pricing

Analyze Cross-platform Performance

Accurately Track Unlimited Keyword Rankings


Track unlimited keyword rankings with pinpoint accuracy

The Content program has a powerful keyword ranking tracker. It tracks unlimited keyword rankings and the history of ranking changes over time. Your Marketing Executive & dedicated SEO expert use this data to ensure that you're not only ranking highly for your best keywords, but that they’re also helping you drive more leads & sales!

Plans & Pricing


See how your pages rank & perform organically

Quickly see how the individual pages on your website rank organically and what keywords they rank for. Your dedicated expert uses this information to increase your efforts on pages that have the potential to drive you leads & sales.

Plans & Pricing

See Organic Ranking & Performance

Here's a list of Content tasks we typically complete to enhance the SEO value of a website

ONE TIME OPTIMIZATIONS - Building a solid SEO foundation

Research Keywords & Plan Short And Long Term Strategies

Keyword Research & Strategy Game Planning

Create the Strategy for the best Content Marketing & SEO game plan to drive maximum results. Start by finding the golden, low-hanging fruit, long-tail keyword opportunities.

Optimize Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Title Tag & Meta Description Optimization

Optimize title tags & meta descriptions based on keyword research and proven to work organic ad copy, in order to generate high rankings and click-through rates.

Optimize Page Content

Page Content Optimization

Optimize and improve page content by adding SEO-rich content that supports keyword research, title tags and meta descriptions so the page ranks higher and faster organically.

Optimize the Page & Blog Architecture Of Your Site

Page & Blog Architecture Optimization

Building out a sound optimized category and tagging structure for content building via pages and blog posts.

Optimize Google My Business, Google Maps, & social network sites

Google My Business & Social Media Optimization

Optimize Google My Business, Google Maps rankings & social network sites such as Facebook for top search terms and inbound links to the website.

ONGOING OPTIMIZATIONS - Building fresh SEO content

Build Pages Of SEO Optimized Content

Page Building

Building pages of search engine optimized, unique, and reader-friendly content to increase rankings and capture more organic leads & sales.

Create SEO Optimized Unique And Reader-Friendly Content

Blog Posting

Creating blog posts of search engine optimized, unique, and reader-friendly content to increase rankings and capture more organic leads & sales.

Creation Of Infographics To Be Used Across Your Blog, Site & Social media

Infographic Creation

Researching, planning and designing an interesting and SEO-rich infographic to be shared on your website and across social media.

Creation Of Video To Be Used Across Your Blog, Site & Social media

Video Creation

Researching, planning and producing an interesting SEO-rich video to be optimized on YouTube and shared on your site & across social media.

Optimization Of Product Titles & Pages

Product Page / Shopping Optimization

Optimize product titles, descriptions, product attributes and more for improved organic search (SEO) & paid search (Shopping Ads) performance.

How it works

Kickoff Call

We start with a kickoff call between you and your dedicated Marketing Executive to gain a full understanding of your brand and overall goals.

Kickoff Call

Keyword Research

We do keyword research to identify the search terms most valuable to rank highly for your brand. We then share the research with you for feedback/approval.

Keyword Research

Strategy Planning

We put together an SEO / Content Marketing game-plan to make best use of your budget & achieve your goals. We then share this with you for feedback/approval.

Strategy Planning
One-Time Optimizations

One-Time Optimizations

We complete initial, one-time optimizations so your site has a strong SEO foundation before we move to the content building and on-going marketing phase.

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing Optimizations

We enter the content marketing phase where we constantly build, publish, and refresh unique content for your brand. This all supports your top keywords.

Analyze & Awesomize

Analyze & Optimize

We constantly evaluate the data to make sure you are seeing the results you’re looking for. If not, we make immediate adjustments/improvements.

Natural Listing Ads™ Overview