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Get your business listed on the most popular local sites & apps with ease.

Get your business listed on Top Rated Local™. Do it yourself or have us do it for you.

Local Listing Ads™ Platform Overview

Why it’s important to use Listings on Top Rated Local™

Local Listing Ads™ Help You Get Found

Get Found

You can’t control where people look, but you can control where you're listed. Listings gets you there.

Local Listing Ads™ Help Save Time

Save Time

Need to update your business listing? No problem. With Listings, you can update Top Rated Local™ in minutes.

Local Listing Ads™ ensures that data is consistent when ranking

Data Consistency

Data consistency is the key to getting on top of local directories, Google Maps and more. Listings ensures everything is the same & correct.


Update your Reputation profile as the single source of truth

When you create a Top Rated Local™ profile through Reputation, you can sync it with Listings. Your Reputation profile allows you to optimize and manage your Top Rated Local™ profile from one easy-to-use dashboard. Manage your contact info, hours, and more.

Plans & Pricing

Local Listing Ads™ Acts As The Single Source Of Truth

Local Listing Ads™ Gives You A Bird's-Eye View


The single source of truth about your business

From one simple dashboard, you can quickly manage your Top Rated Local™ profile. It syndicates the information from your profile so that you make changes once.

Plans & Pricing


View Top Rated Local™ from one place

Quickly see your Top Rated Local™ profile from one dashboard.

Plans & Pricing

View Your Listings From One Place

Here’s a list of things we optimize to help your business listing rank higher

Optimize Your Core Business Info

Core Business Info

We’ll optimize your core business info including business name, categories, contact info, hours of operation, address and more.

Allow People To Quickly Access Your Website, Social Media, or Apps

Website & Social Sites

We’ll add your website, social media profiles, and more so people can quickly click to visit your website or social profiles.

And More

And More

Plus, we’ll populate many more directory fields so your listing is as optimized as possible. This'll help it rank higher than your competitors!

How it works

Kickoff Call

We start with a kickoff call between you and your Marketing Executive to collect the information we need to create and fully populate your business listing correctly.

Starting With a Kickoff Call, We Will Collect Information Needed To Create And Fully Populate Your Business Listings

Scan & Optimize

We’ll scan your current listing and optimize.

We Will Scan Your Current Listings And Optimize Them

With Access, We Can Create Listings For You, Or Teach You How To Do It Yourself

Review & Adjust

We’ll give you access to review and make any adjustments you’d like, as well as provide training on how to manage your listing yourself if you’d like.

Listings Can Be Updated Easily From The Dashboard

Stay Current

If your listing need to be updated, it’s as easy as making the adjustment yourself from the Reputation dashboard. Or let us know so we can do it for you!